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Red screen error 🤬

Your are a Final Cut Pro user and you are experiencing an error when using a brand new plugin? This nasty red screen wastes your time and prevents you from continuing your editing, you are looking for a quick solution and you have just found it!

Why is this happening?

If your Final Cut Pro version is not up to date, you may get a red screen error when using a new plugin or Motion Template. You can see a big "T" or another symbol in the centre of the image depending on the type of Motion Template you are using. This is because this plugin is too new and is not compatible with your Final Cut Pro version. pFixer allows you to fix your plugin in order to use it without having to update your software.

Black magic 🧙🏻‍♂️

pFixer analyses the source code of Motion Templates and converts them to be compatible with your Final Cut Pro version. This downgrade process should fit your Motion templates plugins compatible with Final Cut Pro 10.0 and further. The app also check for several other frequent issues on Motion Templates, like missing media files or corrupted expressions, but a good magician never reveals his secrets. Although the sortilege does not work on all Motion Templates, we estimate from the user database a 90% success rate.

As easy as pie!

The application is very complete and offers advanced functionality, but you can also simply leave the options on auto and launch the process in 2 clicks. Just import a Motion Template to fix or choose to convert all of them, then set the conversion method or let the application choose the best settings for you, click the blue fix button and watch the magic happen.

Once the conversion is complete, open Final Cut Pro and enjoy your Motion Template. The process does not modify the plugin itself and the final rendering is therefore not altered. You can then use your plugin as usual.

Watch the tutorial 📹

You want to see the app in action or learn more about its use? Watch this video, it will teach you more about pFixer and give you a concrete idea of how it works. You can also look at the comments to see what other users think of the app.

Licenses 📄

pFixer is free to try, you can convert 3 plugins after what you will need a license to continue using the app. This allows you to be sure that your error is due to a compatibility problem and that the app can help you fix it. We want our customers to have a first experience with the app before spending money, so we are happy to offer you these first conversions!

*If you are a professional and want to use pFixer for commercial purposes (sell your converted Motion Templates), you will need a professional license. This classic professionnel license allows you to sell up to 5000 converted Motion Templates per months. If you play in the big league and sell more than 5000 Motion Templates per month, contact us so we can make you an offer :

They talk about us:

pFixer is renowned in the Final Cut Pro user community. Several specialized websites have already written articles dedicated to the app. You may be familiar with one of the following :

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